Careers Education and Guidance

The Hurst School is committed to developing workplace skills alongside academic skills.

Careers Education and Guidance has an essential role to play in preparing students for choices, changes and transitions they will encounter as they become adults. The school’s Careers Leader oversees the Careers Programme and liaises with relevant agencies.

Veronica Bancroft - Careers Leader:

Phone: 0118 9817474

College Prospectus and Open day information can be found here


BCOT Careers Coach Facility

This Careers Coach page allows students to take a career assessment (very short, simple and quick to complete). The aim of this function is to give the students an idea of different careers that may best suit them based on their answers and also outline the most suitable approach to obtaining that career. It will outline what type of courses they might want to choose at college, what university course to take or even what apprenticeships are available to them.

They can also start to build their professional presence with the ‘Build your CV’ function.

Careers Coach Online Facility