Extra-curricular activities

At The Hurst we encourage our students to try new things and offer a wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities. These allow students to have new experiences, build new skills, and let their individuality shine through.  

Activities on offer include Sports (such as Badminton, Basketball, Netball,  Football and Rugby), Music and Theatre (including Orchestra, Dance and Drama). We also cater for skills and interests as diverse as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) to Warhammer, Creative Writing, Book Club and Yoga.   

We also offer our Year 9 students the opportunity to work for their  Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. To read more, please click here.

For a full list of our extra-curricular activities, please see below.



Club Year Group Time
School Production 7-10 3pm-4:20pm
Homework Club 7 and 8 3pm-4pm
Maths Clinic All year groups After school
Book Club 7-9 3pm-4pm
Science Club Year 11 Revision 3pm-4pm
Music Club 7-10 Lunchtime
Badminton KS3 3pm-4pm
Football All year groups 3pm-4pm
Netball All year groups 3pm-4pm
Design & Technology - Drop in coursework/revision Year 11 3pm-4pm


Club Year Groups Time
Hurst Acting Movement 8 Lunchtime
Rugby 7-10 After school
Maths Clinic All year groups After school
Creative Writing 7-9 3pm-4pm
STEM Club KS3 3pm-4:30pm
Science Revision 11 3pm-4pm
Music - revision and coursework 11 3pm-4pm
Warhammer 7-11 3pm-3:50pm
Religious Studies - revision 11 3pm-3:50pm
Sports Studies - extra time 10 & 11 3pm-4pm
Dance KS3 3pm-4pm

Design Technology - drop in coursework/revision

11 3pm-4pm



Club Year Groups Time
Hurst Acting Movement 8 Lunchtime
Mock Trial 9 Lunchtime
English Revision 11 3pm-4pm
Science Revision 11 3pm-4pm
Gym Club KS4 3pm-4pm
Girls Football all years 3pm-4pm



Club Year Groups Time
Music 7-10 Lunchtime
History Revision 11 3pm-3:50pm



Club Year Groups Time
Yoga (takes place at Hurst Leisure, please bring a mat if you have one) 7-11 3:15pm - 4pm