Setting of Appropriate Homework



Homework is an essential part of a successful education. Not only does homework reinforce classroom learning, it plays a significant role in developing the skills and attitudes required for successful lifelong learning, including independence, resilience, inquiry and investigation.

Effective implementation of homework

Heads of Curriculum and teaching staff must ensure that homework is purposeful and enhances the students’ learning journey.

Homework is most effective when:

  • Tasks are set regularly and in line with The Hurst School’s expectations:

In Key Stage 3, students will be set the equivalent of 15 minutes homework per 1 hour, 15 minute lesson.

In Key Stage 4, students will be set the equivalent of 30 minutes homework per 1 hour, 15 minute lesson

  • Tasks are communicated through The Hurst School’s online platform: Arbor
  • There are high expectations about the work produced by students.
  • Tasks are structured, linked to the curriculum and their purpose is clearly explained to students.
  • Tasks include re-visiting prior learning to ensure the long-term retention of knowledge by students.
  • The work produced by students feeds into the sequence of learning.

The Hurst School will not publish a homework timetable but does expect staff to take a common-sense approach in spacing out homework tasks and allowing an appropriate amount of time to complete tasks.