Staff Contact Details

Parents and carers are advised that they should make an appointment if they wish to see a member of staff. They are asked to make appointments with the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher or an Assistant Headteacher if it concerns a serious pastoral or welfare matter. Other staff will be asked to these meetings where appropriate or information will be passed on subsequently.  

If a parent or carer wishes to speak to a member of staff on a pastoral or work-related issue it would be appreciated if the first contact could be by telephone or letter. Members of staff are usually teaching during the day and where possible contact will be made within 24 hours. If the matter needs to be dealt with immediately, parents should telephone the main school number and the Receptionist will take a message if the relevant member of staff cannot be found. Please give as much detail as possible when speaking to the Receptionist, you will then be contacted either by the member of teaching staff, the Pastoral or Wellbeing team if it is a pastoral matter, or the Subject Leader if it is subject related. 

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher - Jayne McLaren
Deputy Head - Laura Billingham
Assistant Head - Mark Brimson
Assistant Head - Sally Coneley
Assistant Head - Mark Fricker
Assistant Head - Huw Morgan

Heads of Year

Year 7 - Cathryn Graham
Year 8 - Simon Greeves
Year 9 - Leigh Sheppard
Year 10 - Sara Conran
Year 11 - Lauren Veitch


Business Manager - Philippa Lane
Communications Officer - Rachel Fisher
Finance Assistant - Jane Baird
Finance Assistant - Christine McGarvie
Finance Assistant - Cristine Dyer 
SLT PA/Admissions - Julia Merritt
Reprographics - Hayley Yalden
Receptionist - Louise Lawrence
SIMS Manager/Reception - Celest Warner
Senior SIMS and Exam Manager - Katie Yockney
Site Manager - Khuram Durrani
Site Assistant - Brett Bowdrey
Site Assistant - Craig Denness
Site Assistant - Ryan Hageman
IT Manager - Stephen Cooper
IT Support - Robert Baxter
Clerk to the Governors - Mandy Larby

Pastoral Support and The Wellbeing Centre

Attendance Officer - Lynette Buttivant
First Aid/Admin - Melanie Goddard
Wellbeing Interventions Manager - Stephanie Ryan-Henney
Pastoral Support Manager - Jack Parsons
Careers Lead and Cover Manager - Kayleigh Farmery
Safeguarding Officer - Danielle Brindley
Family Support Worker - Nicola Denham
Pastoral Support Worker - Sarah Jelley
Pastoral Support Worker - Katie Quattromini
Pastoral Support Worker - Jane Aylward
Cover Supervisor - Ivy Button
Cover Supervisor - Sam Vaughan

Art Department

Head of Department - Rehanne Isaac
Clare Gosling
Jason Parry-Wilson
Art Technician - Laura White

Drama/Media Department

Head of Department - Luke Attridge
Simon Greeves
Lilly Beacall
Owen White

English Department

Head of Department - Claire Drag
Assistant Head of Department - Shona Jury
Cathryn Graham
Rebecca Lindsay
Keryn Osterritter
Dan Grinham
Maisie Webb
Charlotte Mann
Grace Durber

Geography Department

Head of Department - Abigail Dalby-Bowler
Anna Croft
Martin Moir

History Department

Head of Department - Nick Stoten
Rebecca Foster
Lesley-Anne Leatham
Charlotte Line
Catherine Pettican
Owen White

IT Department

Head of Department - Veronica Bancroft
Michael Reeves
Karl Scott

Learning Support Department

Lindsay Ansell
Claire Hornsey (SENCO)
Sandra Janiszewska
LSA - Liz Capel
LSA - Kathy Jones
LSA - Jane Kinniburgh
LSA - Jenny Seaborn
LSA - Helen Wallace
LSA - Rebecca Sims
LSA - Emma Gibbons
LSA - Jo Horvath
LSA - Georgia-Ryan Henney
LSA - Karen Rawlings
LSA - Molly Baird 

Maths Department

Head of Department - Chris Messenger
Assistant Head of Department - Ricky Jury
Laraine Black
Sara Conran
Olivia O’Shea
Nadia Randall
Duene Du Toit
Geoff Tennant

MFL Department

Head of Department - Jennifer Clements
Nancy Sharp
Linden Baxter
Alison Bryant

Music Department

Head of Department - Keith Lines
Rheann Long

PE Department

Head of Department - Simon Randall-Bird
Assistant Head of Department - Dannii Randall-Bird
Leigh Sheppard
Lauren Veitch
Daniel Platt

Religious Education and PDL

Head of Department - Montana Elliott
Owen White - PDL teacher

Science Department

Head of Department - Emma Lister
Assistant Head of Department - Cheryl Nicol
Assistant Head of Department - Ben Hayford
Fiona Martins
Morry Attridge
Greg Brockbank
Dr Gabrielle Case
Jason Punnett

Technology Department

Acting Head of Department - Sharon McManus
Sophie Mallinson (currently on maternity leave)
Sue Young
Amanda Knowles
Graham Macbeth - DT Technician

Personal Development Learning (PDL) and RE Department

Head of Department - Montana Elliott
Lesley-Anne Leatham
Owen White

Vocational Studies Department

Head of Department - Veronica Bancroft
Claire Mossman

Alternative Provision

Head of Department - Anna Croft
Jayne White - Student Inclusion Worker