Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

“Your DofE shows you have fortitude and the ability to stick to a task, which is recognised by universities and employers alike.” 
Steve Backshall 

Go on a Journey! Navigate from A to B safely, learn something and have a great time! The Duke of Edinburgh Award is the world’s leading achievement award for young people. We are excited and proud to offer our students this opportunity. 

You can take part in DofE if you are between the ages of 14 to 24. We currently run a Bronze Award group for Year 9 students. DofE is about far more than cooking over an open fire in the wild, it’s about standing out from the rest. We encourage you to set personal challenges and push your personal boundaries with expert guidance throughout. It’s about gaining work-ready skills, helping others, pushing yourself physically, and exploring the world.

Why should you take part?

  • Learn new skills
  • Build self confidence
  • Improve your fitness
  • Make new friends
  • Challenge yourself and succeed
  • Better College and Job applications

How do I get involved?

There are four separate elements to DofE, and to be successful you have to complete all four. 

1. Volunteering

Volunteering is about undertaking service to individuals or the community.

Students should look for impactful opportunities around them – this can either be in person or online.  They can also volunteer in a team, which might be an easier way to find an activity if they can identify a local need they can help with.

2. Physical

Physical is improving  skills in an area of sport, dance or fitness activities, anything that requires a sustained level of energy and physical activity. For example if students play a sport regularly and show personal improvement, this would count.

3. Skills

The skills section involves developing practical and social skills and personal interests. Students need to choose an activity that will allow them to prove they have broadened their understanding and increased their expertise in their chosen skill.

4. Expedition

The expedition element is generally what Dof E is best known for and for many students is the most enjoyable part of the Dof E experience. Students must complete an unaccompanied, self-reliant expedition with an agreed aim. They need to undertake the correct training for their mode of travel, complete at least one practice expedition, a qualifying expedition (the one that is assessed) and a final presentation in order to complete the section.

Celebrating your achievements

We host an event each year where we celebrate our students’ success and present them with their award and certificate in front of their families. Last year the awards were presented by the Deputy Lieutenant of Hampshire, The Hon Hugo Cubitt.