Student Wellbeing & Support

The Wellbeing Centre

At the Hurst School we take the Wellbeing of our students very seriously. For a student to achieve their full potential here, their wellbeing is key.

Who to speak to if you need support

If you feel you need someone to talk to at school, there are lots of people ready to listen and support you.

Your tutor could be the best person to talk to first as they are the person you see every single day and who will know you best.

Our Year 11 Prefects and Year 10 Mental Health Ambassadors are always willing to help if you prefer to speak to another student.

In addition to these people we have 2 places where you can seek further support:

Tier 1 Support

The Hub

In the Pastoral Hub your Heads of Year and our Pastoral Team are there to help. The kinds of issues they might be able to help you with include:

  • You have forgotten to bring your PE kit to school and need to make a call home
  • You feel unhappy about something that has happened during your day
  • You have a concern about a friend and you want to help them
  • You have had a problem online and want to talk to someone about it
  • You feel someone is making you unhappy
  • You are worried about something and want someone to talk to.

The list is endless really but we ask that you drop in to The Hub before school or at break or lunchtime to discuss your concerns.

Our Pastoral Team  
C.Graham (2)
Mrs C Graham

Deputy Safeguarding Lead/Head of Year 7


S.Greeves (2)

Mr S Greeves

Deputy Safeguarding Lead/Head of Year 8

Mr L Sheppard

Deputy Safeguarding Lead/Head of Year 9


S.Conran (2)
Miss S Conran

Deputy Safeguarding Lead/Head of Year 10


L.Veitch (3)

Miss L Veitch

Deputy Safeguarding Lead/Head of Year 11


J.Parsons (2)

Mr J Parsons

Pastoral Support Manager

M.Goddard (2)

Mrs M Goddard

Welfare Officer

L.Buttivant (2)

Mrs Buttivant

Attendance Officer

Jane1 pass pic

Mrs Ayland

Pastoral Support Worker

Sarah Jelley pic

Mrs Jelley

Pastoral Support Worker

IMG 1608 (2)

Mrs Farmery

Careers Lead


Tier 2 Support


Here at The Hurst, we have a dedicated Wellbeing Centre located in the cottage adjacent to the bus bay. We have some lovely indoor and outdoor spaces to support your wellbeing needs. It acts as a base for Wellbeing interventions and the Safeguarding Team. You might visit the Wellbeing Centre because:

  1. You have an appointment to meet one of the team
  2. You are attending counselling
  3. You are a member of one of our support groups
  4. You have a meeting with another outside agency
  5. You want a safe space at break or lunchtime
  6. A major problem has arisen and you don’t feel safe

Again, we ask that you drop in to The Wellbeing Centre before school or at break or lunchtime to discuss your concerns unless you have an emergency and need to see us straight away.

The Wellbeing Team  
Mrs S Coneley

Head of Wellbeing

Designated Safeguarding Lead


S.Ryan Henney (2)

Mrs S Ryan-Henney

Wellbeing Interventions Manager

Mrs Brindley

Safeguarding and Welfare Officer


Nicola Denham23
Ms N Denham

Family Support Worker

Please click here for links to our safeguarding policies.

Government Information

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023Working Together to Safeguard Children

Please find below links to newsletters created by the NHS Mental Health Support Team with useful information and links to additional resources for students and parents.