Primary Transition

Moving to secondary school is a really big step for both students and parents. We work really hard here at The Hurst to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. Communication with the primary schools is essential with getting to know the year sixes before they start with us, that way we can ensure we have the support they need in place, from their very first day. 

Below is some of the feedback we have received from some of our parents:

“My son was very worried about moving up to secondary school. The Hurst and its staff have made it such a pleasant experience and he now gets up every morning looking forward to his day."

"I think the school has been excellent in how it has communicated everything to the parents and the children. Really well organised and our daughter has certainly enjoyed her first few weeks."

"My daughter was both nervous and excited in the summer holiday ahead of starting her new school and learning new things. The Hurst is a brilliant school. I can't believe how quickly my daughter has come out of her comfort zone and has made new friends. Also the staff are so helpful and they answer all your worries and questions with a positive response. My daughter is happy to go to school and she always says she has had a good day. I am so happy and proud of her."