Love is in the air!

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Posted on 14th Feb 2022

Love has been in the air today at school, with our Year 11 prefects organising the hand delivery of roses to students across all year groups, raising over £360 towards extras for their school prom.

Last week tutors were given slips of paper where the students could write their Valentine’s message, decide whether they wanted to include their name or be anonymous and pay a £2 charge. The group of prefects then spent two days handwriting and attaching the messages to the roses, before hand delivering them to the lucky recipients this morning.

Over 180 roses were delivered and there were lots of happy faces around school this morning!

Headteacher Jayne McLaren said she was proud of the students for coming up with the initiative. “This has been a brilliant project for our students to get involved in and I am particularly proud that they wish to use the money raised to support all the students for the end of year prom.”

Pictured below are the Year 11 prefects preparing to do their deliveries.