Izzy creates incredible castle for History homework project

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Posted on 17th Feb 2022

As part of their History lessons on medieval England, our Year 7 students were asked to create a model of a castle as a homework project. Student Izzy has created an incredible model using a range of materials including a 3D printer and expanding foam.

Izzy’s model took her five weeks to create as she explains. “I worked on it everyday after school,” she said. “I didn’t have a vision of what I wanted to create when I started, but over time it all came together. I started off with a cardboard box and then put expanding foam on the top to create the rocks. I then attached another box on top before building the castle on top.”

The attention to detail on Izzy’s model is amazing and includes a wheel inside the castle to lower the drawbridge, a hole within the rocks that contains glow in the dark bones, and a dragon created with a 3D printer.

This is not Izzy’s first modelling project, as she has previously built a scale model of the White House. “I like crafting things,” she says, and from her model her talent is clear to see.

Pictured below is Izzy with her castle.