Year 7 STEM Club visited by The Reptile Academy

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Posted on 22nd Sep 2022

Our Year 7 STEM Club students have had an incredible afternoon, meeting ‘The Reptile Academy’ and getting to experience snakes at very close quarters.

The Reptile Academy visit schools across Hampshire, bringing a hands-on experience to students to help them learn about evolution, animal welfare and responsible pet ownership, whilst also allowing them to get up close to the reptiles.

Today students were introduced to Superbia, a Brazilian rainbow boa, Beau the boa constrictor and Carlo and Clio who are rescue royal pythons.

Our students had a fantastic time. Trevelyan who got to hold Clio said: “She feels cool, not heavy at all. I joined STEM Club as I like engineering.”

At another table, students, including Lily were looking a skeletons and examples of snakeskin. “I like the texture and the patterns on the different skins,” said Lily. “Some feel like bubble wrap, where others feel more scaly.”

Head of Science at The Hurst School, Miss Lister said: “This has been a great experience for the students. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Club, will run on a Tuesday after school and give students the opportunity to do scientific experiments that we can’t usually do in the classroom. Students will also have the opportunity to get a more in-depth experience of Science, and the work we will do links back to the curriculum they are studying at school.”

Thank you to Jake and his team from The Reptile Centre for coming into school today. More information can be found at