Ofsted Report & Safety


Ofsted Report



Safety Information

Keeping your children safe is our main priority at Miss Polly's Nursery.

The garden and nursery equipment is checked on a regular basis and replaced if necessary.

All staff undergo a full Disclosure and Barring Service Check (DBS) prior to starting and we have a large number of qualified paediatric first aiders on site at all times.

If you need someone different to collect your child from nursery we ask that you give us a photograph and security pin code that they have to repeat to us before being admitted into the nursery.

We regularly update our allergy information that you give us on your registration form. We take great care to ensure that all staff are aware of any children with an allergy, whether it is related to food, medication or the environment. If your child needs to have medication administered during the day, we ask you to complete a medication form to give us details of time and dosage, and most important of all, your signature to allow us to administer it.

We have incident and accident forms to inform you at the end of the day if your child has had an accident, how it happened, and how it was dealt with.

Fire Procedure-

Miss Polly's Nursery is linked to the main school's fire alarm system and therefore on hearing a continuous alarm bell, all staff, children and visitors must vacate the premises as directed by a senior member of staff. The assembly point for Miss Polly's Nursery is the main school playground where we would remain until given the all clear. A full fire procedure is displayed in all nursery rooms