Nursery Information


You will receive regular emails with updates about what is happening at the nursery and inviting you to events etc. You will also receive your invoices by email at the end of each month for the month ahead.

Parents Evening

We hold two parent evenings throughout the year for you to come and talk with your child's Key Person. These are held shortly after the termly assessments have been written and are an excellent opportunity for you to discuss these and talk about plans and next steps for your child’s individual learning journey.

Consent Forms

You will receive a welcome pack from the team when your child has their initial visits. As part of your welcome pack you will be asked to complete various consent forms to give your permission for a variety of events including; trips on our mini bus, trips on the local bus, walks off site etc.

Daily Records and Information

We use an online system for day to day events and the children’s learning journeys. We record the children’s meals, sleep times, nappy changes, entrance and exit times etc. We also record the children’s developmental progress through photos, videos, observations and assessments. You can access this through ParentZone, a secure app on your smart phone, tablet or laptop and when your child starts you will be sent a link to their individual page.

Early Years Foundation Stage

All nurseries use the government standards to support the children through their early years learning. These guidelines allow us to ensure that your child is meeting their expected milestones and fulfilling their potential. This standard is called The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The EYFS sets out the seven areas of learning that we cover at Miss Polly’s through planned activities, experiences and spontaneous child led learning. It is the responsibility of your child’s key person to plan activities and experiences that support your child’s learning at whatever developmental stage they are at, whilst sparking their interest and imagination. The seven areas of learning are; Communication and Language, Physical Development, Person, Social and Emotional, Understanding the World, Mathematics, Literacy and Expressive Arts and Design.

Equal Opportunities

Miss Polly's places great emphasis on equal opportunities for all. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive, diverse setting. We aim to provide children with a positive self image and a respect for others regardless of sex, gender, race, religion, or culture. Our work within the nursery reflects the importance we place on providing a balanced, non-sexist, multi cultural approach to learning and living. The nursery is all on one floor making it an ideal place for children with physical/mobility needs.

Government Funding

The government offer a number of different funding options for children aged 2, 3 and 4, all of which we offer at Miss Polly’s. To find out what you are eligible for go to

2 Year Old Funding

At Miss Polly’s we offer funded spaces for eligible 2 year olds. The 2 year old funding is criteria based so you will need to go to the child care choices website to find out whether you are eligible. There are 2 options for this funding; 15 funded hours per week term time only or 11 hours per week for the full 51 weeks of the year we are open. If you find that your child is eligible for this the funding will start at the beginning of the term after their second birthday. You will need to apply for this yourself or you can speak to the manager at Miss Polly’s who can complete an assisted application with you. You will be issued with a funding code which needs to be emailed to the manager.

3 & 4 Year Old Funding

Universal Funding

All 3 & 4 year olds are entitled to 15 funded hours per week (term time only) or 11 hours per week (for the 51 weeks of the year we are open). This type of funding starts the term after your child turns 3. You do not need to apply for this funding, just let the manager know this is the funding you will be using and you will be given a termly declaration to sign.

Extended Funding

Extended funding is offered to eligible 3 and 4 year olds. The extended funding is criteria based so you will need to visit the child care choices website to check your eligibility. The extended funding offers 3 & 4 year olds 30 hours of funded childcare per week (term time only), this is known as standard funding, or 22 hours per week (for the 51 weeks of the year we are open), this is known at stretched funding. At Miss Polly’s, as an all year round setting, we offer this as stretched funding only. You will need to apply online for this funding and will be issued with a funding code which needs to be emailed to the manager. For the Extended funding it is the parents responsibility to recheck their eligibility every 3 months online.


Both staff and children should not attend nursery if they are not well enough to get through the day as normal. We are able to administer medicine that has been signed in by the parent and is given to us in its original packaging with correct dosage information. We are able to administer paracetamol in emergency cases with your permission. If your child becomes unwell in our care we will phone you to discuss the best course of action. Within the policies you will see the exclusion policies for various illnesses. 

Meals & Snacks


We ask you to provide lunch for children who are under 1. This can be reheated and served to them whilst having lunch alongside their friends. Once your child has turned one we then provide a two course cooked lunch which is made by the team at the school kitchen. There is a menu on a 3 weekly rotation which will be given to you in your welcome pack. We are able to cater for any children with allergies or dietary requirements.

Snack Time

Each room offers a healthy morning and afternoon snack. In the morning we offer a breakfast type snack, consisting of a selection of cereals, toast, porridge, fruits etc. The afternoon snack is served at around 3.00 and will consist of crackers, crumpets, sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, cheese etc. A choice of milk or water is also provided. Water is available to the children throughout the day. If your child receives funding once they are 2, 3 or 4 and you would like to provide a packed lunch please contact the manager or room leaders to discuss this further.

Formula Milk

We ask parents to provide empty, sterilised bottles and teats, with the correct amount of baby powder in a suitable container for each feed. We will then make up the feeds fresh at each feed time. The bottles will then be rinsed out and sent home at the end of each day.

Breast Feeding

If you wish to continue breastfeeding your child once returning to work we have a quiet, private area which you are able to use. Expressed milk can also be stored in the fridge.

Our Ethos

We believe that children learn best through play and we create opportunities to capture their interest and imagination to get the most out of each moment. We love outdoor play at Miss Polly’s and know that some children learn best in the outdoor environment, we believe in outdoor play whatever the weather! As the children get older we take some inspiration from ‘The Curiosity Approach’ and try to regularly incorporate open ended play and resources to spark curiosity and imagination, promoting rich and varied vocabulary.


On confirming your child’s place at Miss Polly’s you will be given a hard copy of our policies and procedures documents to take home and read. It is also possible to receive these by email if you would prefer. Any policies that are updated will be emailed to you along with any new policies created.

Provisions & Clothing


We ask parents to supply nappies, wipes, and cream. These will be kept in your child's own drawer in the bathroom. The team will notify you through ParentZone when your child’s supplies are running low.


Each child will have their own labelled peg in their room. We ask that you provide a bag each day with a range of spare clothes for them to change into. We also ask that you provide clothing appropriate for the season i.e. sun hats, coats, wellies, gloves etc.


At Miss Polly’s we take safeguarding very seriously and know that it is our responsibility to ensure all children are safe and have their needs met in order for them to progress and thrive. Please see below our Safeguarding Policy. We also follow the safeguarding policies in line with The Hurst School. All recruits at Miss Polly’s undergo a full Disclosure Barring Service check (DBS check) and all staff are expected to complete safeguarding induction training. Every member of staff has refresher safeguarding training annually. The Designated Safeguarding Lead professionals at Miss Polly’s are Parise (Manager) and  (Room Co-ordinator).


Both rooms have a dedicated sleep room. In Caterpillars the children sleep in buggies until they are ready to move onto a mattress on the floor. In Butterflies the children sleep on mattresses. In both rooms a member of the team will stay with your child and help them fall asleep if needed.